Here comes your # 1 school management and information system portal – KenroyalSchoolMum. KSM is a complete school management application. Here are some of KSM’s features:

  • Public / Front end.
  • Information Portal– These contains the school details such as its overview or fact file, mission, awards, contacts, admission process, eligibility, Class, Frequently ask questions…
  • Downloads– Allows sites user – parents, students and visitors to download relevant file such as admission form, calendar etc
  • News and Updates– Help site visitors to be abreast with information and interests of the school.
  • Medias–Dynamic image and video gallery.
  • Sharing Page sharing to social media like facebook, twitter, blog etc to optimize the website for search engines and attract site traffic, facebook fan page.
  • Beautiful template with Jquery slideshow.
    1. Unlimited Web Pages.
    2. Newsletters subscriptions.
  • Student and Parent Portal.
    1. Securities– Portal login authentication with Portal assessment scratch pin or password.
    2. E-learning and E-library – Library and publication will be made available by each subject teacher for student in that takes a particular subject. Also quadratic equation solving application also integrated.
    3. Continuous Assessments –Can view and print their continuous assessments.
    4. Result Checking —Can view and print end of term result.
    5. Profile Can view their details on the portal.
    6. CBT Can take Computer based test.
    7. Automated Birth Day SMS notification(Powered by
    8. Student’s online Interactive games
  • Administrator’s Robust Backend.
    1. Portal Configuration – Class listing, Subject Listing, Class / Teacher subject assignment, Teacher / Staff Manager
  1. Login form and security authentication for the site administrator’s.
  2. Register and manage student profile on the portal
  3. Capabilities of the administrator to create email for all staffs and teachers of the school e.g.,  Unlimited email accounts.
  4. List subject, class, academic year and manage it on the portal.
  5. Assign teacher to class and subject
  6. ID card generator
  7. Set current academic year.
  8. Mass student upload.
  9. Robust Content Management System (CMS) with WYSIWYG text editor to edit the website content easily. 100% complete content managements.
  10. Upload files for download by site visitors – Unlimited uploads.
  11. Posting news and updates, uploading video link, gallery and downloadable contents.
  12. Bulk and single email broadcasting through the site.
  13. Bulk and single SMS broadcastingthrough the site. (Powered by
  14. Webmail access.
  15. Accounting / Billing:
    Student fees / bills payment
    Student Financial Records
    School bills Fees
    Realtime accounting
    Statistic Reports (Financial)
  16. Auto generated termly broadsheet


  • Billing / Account Robust Backend.
  1. Security login authentication
  1. School fees or bills payment.
  2. School income and expenditures
  3. Sundry fees
  4. All financial reports
  5. Receipt generator for both partial and full payment with generated payment id, students passport and School logo on the receipt.
  • Teachers / Staffs Robust Backend.
  1. Security login authentication
  1. Enter continuous assessments
  2. Enter results and compute
  3. Upload library(Teachers can upload assignment, text books, Notebooks into the student’s library
  4. Form Teachers privilege(To Manage his/her class, compile result and promote students)


  • Super administrators Privilege
  1. Give administrative and accounts privilege to individual.
  1. All site privileges
  2. Staff attendance manager
  3. Has administrator previledge and account Preivileges


  • Computer Based Test
    1. Students can login to their portal to take our online computer based test
    2. The alumni can login to the system to practice some jamb questions so as to get used to the jamb CBT.

Here are our demo pages

Students Login: /portal

Admin No. KPSS16180 Pin: 7060367420

Super admins, Admins, Accountant, Teachers Login:

Username: super, Pw:super12                                  Username: admin, Pw:admin12

Username: accountant, Pw:accountant12            Username: ayeseadewale, Pw:teacher12


Please Note: There are more features to be added in our coming soon version which are to be made free to our existing customers.


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